Social Media for Job Seekers Workshop

July 24, 2019

Details - 

When: Wednesday, July 24 @ 1:30pm-3:30pm

Where: Tulsa American Job Center - 201 W. 5th St, Ste 200

As a Job Seeker, Social Media can either help you or hurt you in your job search.  Do you know how to market yourself professionally on your Social Media platforms? Do you have a LinkedIn profile, and if so, are you utilizing it properly to maximize your career and networking opportunities?  In our Workshop, we will provide insight and hands-on navigation on what hiring managers and recruiters really look for as they screen potential candidates using social media and why LinkedIn should be at the top of your social media platforms list when it comes to employment opportunities, making connections, and staying informed on all topics business related.

**This workshop is open to the public; however, seats are limited.  Please arrive early to secure a spot.